New Year, New Beer, and Other Updates

2018 is here! Hard to believe the last year went by so quickly, and we were very sad to see Saffron Cafe and Bakery and Cafe West Linn close in 2017, but we are looking forward to the new year and all it has in store! New Beer Brand new in our beer fridge: New…

Disco Christmas! 

It’s almost time for our annual Disco Christmas celebration! Head over to Happyrock Coffee on December 25th and disco to the classics! Remember to wear an ugly holiday sweater! 9am-1pm   

Last Day For Shipping Code, New Products, And Other Updates.

Today is December 18th, and it’s the last day we feel comfortable saying that your shipment will get to you before the 25th. So if you are going to mail order Happyrock Coffee, put your order in TODAY! It’s also the last day to use code SHIPITGOOD to get free shipping on orders over $50!…

How To Brew Coffee – Easy Methods

Coffee has changed so much over the last 15 years! Different styles of coffee roasts have become popular, and with that different brewing methods are necessary. To clear up any confusion about what makes the perfect cup of coffee, we’ve commissioned Easy to make an instructional video. Good luck and happy brewing!