Spielman Bagels and Goodbye Spicer Brothers

Spielman Non GMO

We were feeling very sad that Bundy’s Bagels closed, but then we discovered Spielman Bagels! This family owned business started off making a few bagels in the back of their coffee shop, but then demand grew! They call them “Portland Style” kettle boiled bagels, made with a sourdough start and Non-GMO Project certified!


We are offering Cheddar, Plain, Salted, and Everything. The everything bagel is totally vegan. Then for schmears we have Chive, Salmon, Strawberry Habanero, and Hummus. The hummus is also totally vegan.

Very Sad News
In very sad news: we are very very sad that Spicer Brothers Produce shut its doors for good this weekend. They had just turned 30 years old this year. This closure will leave a big hole in the neighborhood, as they were a beloved community institution. Families had been shopping there for generations. They started carrying our coffee in 2010. We love the Spicer Family and would like to wish them well in their new chapter of life. If you’d like to know more about what happened, please watch this video from KATU

On a positive note, the smiling faces of Bread, Cheese, Milk and Orange and Apple have found a new home in our collection of local artifacts. Please feel free to visit them anytime on the Happyrock Patio.


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